Deep Spreadsheets with ExcelNet

ExcelNet brings the power of Deep Learning to your Spreadsheets.

EXCELNET will be officially announced April 1st, 2016 at the prestigious SIGBOVIK '16 conference. Meanwhile, read about this revolutionary technology in our exclusive white paper (pdf).

Already, ExcelNet is the highest-ranking spreadsheet-based algorithm for the Kaggle MNIST challenge (and 7th overall!).

Try it!

deepexcel.xls (for Excel & LibreOffice. No macros! Just formulas and magic)

deepexcel.xlsx (.xlsx format, tested on Excel android)

paper (pdf)

presentation (pdf)

Protips (txt)


Yanqing Jia, author of Caffe:

Tired of the endless deep learning framework war? Here is one tool to rule them all. Introducing The Almighty ExcelNet!
From HN:
The author is either a con or a crazy.
... A masterpiece.
Thanks for the amazing product.
From reddit:
I'm gonna get this for my grandma